Friday, 29 June 2012

How lazy.......

am i?

I have just realised i have not posted for over a month! Ooops - so much to do and so little time.
It has been a whirlwind of making, sourcing, crafting, exhibiting and shopping!

First came the breezy and soggy Wealden Times Midsummer Fair - it was lovely despite the weather. And i have never been at a show with so many cute dogs (i even had the pleasure to meet a Dandy Dinmont - sooooo adorable) It was a slow few days for sales but lovely to meet new exhibitors and to be with the lovely Kitty's, All the Fun of the Fair and Susie Sharp again.

A few days off then a visit to the Vintage Pixie in Shalford, again lovely day and great to be with some familiar faces and to meet some new.

So now i am preparing for tomorrow at Oxfam in Cranbrook, one of my favourite days - i get to spend the day with my goodies and the lovely staff (they have just started stocking some lovely vintage things so i better watch my wallet!)

Then a week of mad prep for the Village Vintage fair in Cuckfield and off i go to the Great Yorkshire Show (eeek! a big big show)

Phew.....then another visit to the brilliant Kitsch and Stitch in Cranbrook!

and finally a day off.......

As Looney Tunes would say.....that's all folks!

(for now)


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