Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Finally finished my 21 day challenge!

Phew..... that was a bit mad! 

This was my itinery for the last 21 days.....

  1. Build up for Country Living Show in Islington
  2. Teaching a business and entrepreneur workshop for a school in Lewisham and then go and finish setting up the stand at CL
  3. Country Living Show opens until 9pm 

  4. Country Living all day
  5. Country Living again
  6. Ooooh more Country Living.....decide not to cook and instead grab a take away complete with a dose of food poisoning.....lovely!
  7. Country Living....along with sore belly and head!
  8. Break down stand from Country Living
  9. Travel to York
  10. Preparations for a grand 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for my Aunt and Uncle (ex- Ballroom world Champs!) and our close friends Son's wedding
  11. Finish off 14 table centrepieces, venue decor, 22 floral arrangements and more
  12. Make 255 cupcakes and decorate two large cakes (thanks for the help Waitrose on those)

  13. Set up for Golden Wedding Celebrations in Hull. Dance the night away, remove all venue decor and drive back to York ...oh yeah and the clocks went forward!

  14. At silly o clock in the morning after aprox 3 hours sleep we set off for the beautiful Cotswolds and to a bright sunny Burford we arrived and started setting up the next cupcake tower and sweetie table. Get changed in 5 mins and dance the night away.

  15. Half a day off and enjoyed brunch with friends and then back to London.
  16. Wholesalers today for a spot of shopping for some vintage style treats for the stand.
  17. Back up to York via Birmingham to drop the Mr at the Gadget Show! Quick cuppa and off to see the lovely Hazel for some of her vintage finds.
  18. Set off to Manchester and set up time for Cake and Bake Show 
  19. The Cake & Bake Show opens at Manchester Central. Watch Mr Hollywood, Mr Whaite, Ms Turner and more....
  20.  More Cake and Baking

  21. And a bit more Cake and Baking then time to pack up and head back to York!
Whoa......a day off yesterday and back to London tonight!

Full update of the events page to follow very soon as lots of new exhibitions, fairs and markets.

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