International Women's Fair - Old Spitalfields

What an amazing way to spend a Saturday!

I was proud to be part of the International Women's Fair this weekend and it didn't disappoint! This was my first visit to Old |Spitalfields as a trader and really hope to back there again soon. What lovely people and space.

My stall was right opposite the stage area which with the speakers facing right in my direction and a great big drum kit being set up i was really worried! Was this a terrible place to be - would i be heard - would people crowd out the stall - it wasn't a cheap fair to attend so i was really worried......but i needn't be!

Yes it was noisy - yep - people stood in front of the stall, blocking access and no i couldn't be heard - but this all did not matter when the band started playing the atmosphere changed into a great big party - and i got the best seat in the house!

Have added a couple of pictures.....
Our Stall
My view to the stage
So lots of happy friendly shoppers - lots of lovely comments and lots of sales - all while listening to the fabulous Electric Landladies......Simply Perfect!


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