Friday, 15 February 2013

A Change... as good as a rest!

So i have slightly altered my logo and branding - a little fresher and less pink! I thought i liked pink but after 3 years i think i have fallen out of love a teeny bit. So Teal and Duck Egg are still in and the pink is relegated....for now!

This coming few weeks i am looking forward to lots of exciting changes....trying out a couple of new events, returning to some favourite ones and seeing lovely friends i have made in the vintage/craft world over the last 3 years.......and then of course on the 4th March hopefully) greeting my gorgeous new little godson who is popping out painlessly and easily (i hope - it will be a planned c-section birth) of my best friend who has been through a nightmare pregnancy and has coped incredibly like the amazing person and mother she is! So fingers crossed....i shall be sharing the pictures proudly.

This brings me onto my newest challenge of this year in which i have entitled 2013 'a year in photos'. i rarely take pictures, even though i have an iphone - so no excuses of not having a camera, so this year is the year i take pictures of everything......and yes my best friend and husband are fed up of it already. So i shall be boring/interesting/annoying/amusing you for the next 12 months with random sorry!

Have just updated the events page with all of my events so far this year......if there is an event you think i would love to be at please do mention it - always looking to be somewhere new! 

So for now i shall leave with a few random pictures from the last month.....

Ta-ra for now! x

Dads 70th Celebration in January!
His special Dinner....

The fimo cake topper i made based on...

...this picture of him in panto.

Afternoon tea at @mphersand

Just perfect....lovely afternoon with the Cooper ladies

Gorgeous niece and her fabulous Poppa!!

Happy Birthday to meeee!

My gorgeous doggy Barney..on a crisp frosty morning walk
followed by a cheeky snuggle on the bed!


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