Cake cake and more cake..... the amazing Cake International exhibition.

 My favourite cake.....amazing!

 The lovely Mish and her well deserved award.....her magnificent wedding cake is below:
Dance your cares away.......

 And of course a Meliguin!
I have ever seen so many amazing very impressed!
The Simply Vintage stand was very well received and i had a lovely weekend - i even had chance to catch up with a friend from my Drama School days that i have not seen in about 15 years!!

So onto the next challenge - getting the Winter Wonderland theatre show up and running in the Snowdome Tamworth - almost there and ready for opening night/day on giant spider, two huge fluffy monster costumes, two elves and a toy soldier almost finished in 5 days!

Then it is back to the NEC for the huge BBC Good Food Show Winter ........ phew!


  1. Fantastic to see you Mel. Hope the rest of the weekend went well for you - can't wait to use my new cake stand next weekend! Kirsty x


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