Monday, 2 April 2018

I know, i know.....

...the usual apologies for not updating!

Basically i hadn't stopped until March since October - a whirlwind of work, work, work!  I am never campaigning as i love what i do and to earn a few pennies from it is a joy - but boy 'o boy did i need this little break with my mummy and pooch in early March: 

I love North Norfolk so much - i can imagine myself retiring by the sea there:)

So onto whats new - show prep and more show prep! Next up is Country Living Spring Fair from 26th-29th April at Alexandra Palace, London. (

I will be popping some complimentary tickets onto my Facebook page shortly so hop over and have a like or keep your eye on the page if you already follow:

Also - i have a new craft group on there: Simply Vintage Crafters (pop that into the search box at the top and we should come up)  if you love crating with vintage bits and bobs and would love some inspiration or chat then come and join in!

Finally - phew, all this housekeeping stuff!  I am getting to grips with instagram.....slowly .....   have a follow and all that :)

So, onwards and upwards......back to the packing room and get all those lovely orders out from Saturdays Hochanda show - if you want to have a watch on rewind: 

See you soon, 


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